TA Programme

Teaching Assistants -'Getting to grips with PE'

 This is a practically based prgramme of 2 half day workshops which will cover the basic requirements and expectations for those involved in the teaching of Physical Education. This includes those who support teachers and those who cover for teachers; including PPA time.

It will also benefit members of staff wishing to contribute to the schools' extra-curricular programme

It is designed to give a base understanding of Physical Education and how this should be taught including what pupils should know, apply and understand.

Each workshop will have a different focus

Workshop 1: Modifying and extending activities to include, support and challenge all children 

                    Alternative games to engage pupils in PE

                    Successful strategies for teaching Physical Education

                    How to include healthy competition in PE lessons


Workshop 2: How to plan and structure a quality PE lesson in line with the NC

                    Understanding and implementing NC requirements

                    Target setting, assessing and monitoring student progress


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                         Non -member schools download an enrolment form here

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