SMSA Training

Lunchtime Supervisors - Increasing activity levels through postitive play!

This bespoke  1 - 2 hours workshop is delivered in schools to equip delegates with the skills, confidence and knowledge to increase physical activity levels through purposeful activities during lunchtimes. 

Knowledge and understanding

Safe organisation of playground activities using the 'STEP' process: Space, Task, Equipment, People.

Participants will learn how to


  • Safely support pupil Playground Leaders in the management and leadership of playground activities.
  • Engage and interact with Junior Playground Leaders.
  • Lead their team with confidence and consistency.
  • Deal with difficult situations (and people).
  • Find positive solutions to issues.
  • Develop consistent approaches to behaviour within the team.
  • Strategies for gaining respect and confidence.
  • Play lots of tradional games with and without equipment


Intended impact on practice

  • Increased levels of physical activity of children at break and lunch times.
  • Lunchtime Supervisors will feel empowered and develop a range of strategies to develop a positive approach when working with team dynamics and the challenges this presents.

Email to arrange training

Schools who have received SMSA training are:

Oasis Academy New Oak

Perry Court


Victoria Park

Bridge Farm

Oasis Academy Connaught


St Mary Redcliffe and Temple

West Town Lane

Christ Church

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