'Nugget' Practical Workshops

‘Nugget’ Practical Workshops

This series of ‘bite-size’ workshops are aimed at Primary Phase teachers who would like to increase their confidence to deliver High Quality PE lessons

These workshops are all practical but are deliberately delivered in a way that participants will feel comfortable with the content. The sessions are all 2 hour twilight workshops and will be delivered at a variety of venues. For each area of the curriculum there may be more than one workshops, that although linked can be attended as stand-alone workshops. Resources will be available for each workshop


This can be an area that causes the greatest anxiety to teachers. The workshops are designed to give participants confidence and how to use the correct terminology when teaching this area of the curriculum.

  1. ‘Gymnastics for the petrified’ – An introductions to the teaching of basic gymnastic activities in the curriculum. Specific warming up activities will be covered and the introduction of basic gymnastics vocabulary and body schooling activities.
  2. Gymnastics in Comfort – Further ideas will be explored that will provide teachers with the strategies to challenge and enhance these basic skills with the use of small apparatus
  3. Gymnastics to compete – Understanding of the different routines for each Key Stage and  how teach these to a whole class with hints how pupils can achieve their best


This is another area that causes some anxiety to teachers. These workshops are designed to give participants confidence and lots of ideas about what to teach and how to teach dance

  1. Making Dance Fun! – An introduction to specific dance warm ups and and ‘starters’ to create a dance
  2. Making Dance Meaningful! – How to use cross curricular themes to create a whole class dance. Participants will learn how to create a SOW for a dance form their own stimulus
  3. Strictly Come Teaching! – How to structure a dance lesson from beginning to end of a lesson and block of work using RECIPE to achieve success


  1. Run, Jump and Throw – The focus is on developing games and activities to build athletics skills and how to develop them in an competitive situation


  1. ‘Invasion Games’ – The workshop will consider creative PE lessons underpinned by dodging, creating space, sending and receiving and how they lead into successful invasion games
  2. Net/wall Games - The workshop will consider creative PE lessons underpinned by hitting a ball over a net and provide a range of practical activities and organisational skills with limited space and resources
  3. Striking and Fielding – This workshop will consider creative PE lessons underpinned by striking and fielding and explore how to make the lessons as active as possible so that children can use these skills tactically

Outdoor Adventurous Activities (OAA)

  1. ‘OAA-MAD’ (OAA Making a Difference!) – This workshop focuses on team building and basic orienteering skills to add variety to the PE curriculum

Miscellaneous PE Workshops

  1. Teaching PE with minimal space – This workshop focuses on sharing with teachers fun ideas about how to teach fun, inspiring lessons with limited space and equipment
  2. Alternative Games to engage children in PE – This workshop focuses on unconventional games and activities that can be used to add variety to the PE curriculum
  3. ‘Fitness MAD’ (Fitness Making a Difference!) – Focuses on motivating  children to get active with heart raising activities
  4. ‘Yoga MAD’ (Yoga Making a Difference!) – Focuses on using yoga activities to improve Fundamental skills using stories. Teachers will learn how a ‘Healthy Mind and Healthy Body’ can improve learning across the whole school day.
  5. Change for Life

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