Tri-Golf Festival

Enter by Thursday 4th May

For these days you may bring a bubble group of up to 12 KS2 children and target the children that you feel would benefit from the activity the most. This is all outdoors so is of course weather dependant.

For these days children will stay in their bubble groups, will move around a carousel of fun skill activities, and will be given tri-golf equipment which they take around with them to use.
We will be in a large outdoor area and if you want your children to stay and have their packed lunches after, they will be directed to an outside area to do so before being picked up. I will ensure all measures are taken to stick to restrictions and will have a full risk assessment available for schools. There will be an outside toilet available at the clubhouse just designated for our event and a pop-up toilet by the range for emergencies!

Event Attendees

Sorry, this event has passed

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