Yr 5/6 Football League Playoffs - Invited teams only

The Following School teams have qualified.

Playoff Teams for Thursday 2nd April 3.45pm - 5.45pm all at South Bristol Sports Centre.
NB The League will be 7-aside on the astro.
The emerging league will be 6-aside on the 'Soccer Five' courts ie enclosed courts so off the sideboards and only GK allowed in circle.
Please confirm your attendance asap on this link.
League Playoffs
Headley Park A
Cheddar Grove
Luckwell C
Birdwell A
Bridge Farm A
Holymead A
Christchurch A
West Town Lane A
Emerging League Playoffs (please ensure the children who played for these teams play & NOT any children who played for your other teams)

St Peters
Merchants A
Ilminster Ave
West Town Lane C
Southville B
Oasis Connaught
Greenfield A
Perry Court A

Event Attendees

  • Headley Park A
  • Cheddar Grove
  • Perry Court
  • Holymead A
  • Hotwells
  • Ilminster Avenue E-ACT Academy
  • Oasis Connaught
  • Merchants A
  • Christ Church A
  • Birdwell A
  • Southville B
  • West Town Lane A
  • West Town Lane C
  • Luckwell C
  • St.Peter’s C of E
  • Greenfield A

Sorry, this event has passed

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