BEE Netball Festival and Competition

  • When: Wed 1st Apr 20 13:30 pm - 16:30 pm
  • Merchants Academy Gatehouse Avenue Witywood Bristol

Closing Date: 14th March

This event was previously the high five netball competition. 

The two top teams from this competition will represent the area at the level 3 County Games on 23rd April, at Bristol Grammar School.

Obviously BEE netball is different from the 7 a-side we play, so please familiarise yourselves with the rules which are in our downloads section on the website.

Bring squads of between 7-9 and rotate between players.

This event will provide opportunities for both participation and competition so we will be running two pathways.

You can either self-select onto a particular pathway if you are confident of the standard of your students or we will allocate schools a pathway after a few games.

Event Attendees

  • Oasis New Oak Academy
  • Greenfield E-ACT Academy
  • Holy Cross
  • Cathedral Primary School
  • Knowle Park
  • St Peter's
  • Oasis Connaught
  • Birdwell

Sorry, this event has passed

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