Tag Rugby Festival - Year 3/4 Megafest + Year 5/6 Festival

  • When: Fri 20th Mar 20 10:00 am - 14:00 pm
  • Broad Plain Rugby Club Bristol South End Malago Off St Johns Lane Bristol

Year 3/4 will take part in a megafest which will consist of various stations with games that are designed to improve various aspects of the skills required to play tag, followed by some 6 a-side games. Any mix of gender. Can bring more than one group of six.

Year 5/6 will play a tag rugby festival. Matches will be 8-a-side with a minimum of 2 girls on the pitch at any one time.

Please enter the number of teams you are bringing and specify the age group please when you book on. A group of 6 x yr 3/4 pupils  = one team.

Yr 3/4 1

yr 3/4 2

Yr 5/6 A

Yr 5/6 B

Event Attendees

  • Southville Sharks 5/6
  • Southville Springboks 5/6
  • Southville Stingrays 3/4
  • Southville Scorpions 3/4
  • Parson Street Y5/6
  • Parson Street Y3/4

Sorry, this event has passed

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