Yr 3/4 Sportshall Athletics 4 - Ashton Park NB 3pm EARLY START!

  • When: Mon 20th Jan 20 15:00 pm - 16:45 pm
  • Ashton Park School Blackmoor's Lane Bower Ashton Bristol UK

NB Early start 3pm

Sportshall is a great opportunity for your pupils to 'have a go' at indoor athletics and they need no prior experience...nor do you!!! It's great fun and very exciting especially when we get to the relays.

NB This event for yr 3/4 is about participation and fun and the chance to 'have a go!'

This is one of 3 sports hall events so enter the one that is most convenient for you.

To get your first choice venue please register ASAP. NB Timings may be slightly different at different venues.

Sportshall Athletics enables pupils to have the opportunity to take part in athletics throughout the school year. It provides the ideal format in which to introduce young people to athletics and multi skills. Taking place in an indoor sports hall, participants take part in various athletics events in a fun environment, with everyone's results scoring points for their school team.

Schools need no previous experience of the competition as demonstrations will be given on the day. More information on the events included in the competition can be found in DOWNLOADS and also at www.sportshall.org 
Please note, this is a mixed event, with the boys and girls totals being added together. 

Team sizes of 18-24, (minimum 9 boys and 9 girls or maximum 12 boys and 12 girls)

Pupils may compete in a maximum of two track and two field events, drawn from the following:

On the track

1 + 1 Lap Relay, 2 + 2 Lap Relay, Hurdles - each requiring two girls & two boys per event

Obstacle Relay, Over / Under Relay, 4 x 1 Lap Relay - each requiring four girls & four boys per event

... and in the field

Chest Push, Soft Javelin, Speed Bounce, Standing Long Jump, 5 strides,  Vertical Jump - each requiring three girls & three boys per event. 

Event Attendees

  • Cheddar Grove
  • Christ Church A
  • Holy Cross
  • Hotwells
  • Birdwell

Sorry, this event has passed

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