Yr 5/6 Dodgeball - Competition

  • When: Wed 15th Jan 20 15:00 pm - 17:00 pm
  • Ashton Park School Blackmoor's Lane Bower Ashton Bristol UK

This Event is a competition.

The winner will represent our area at the Winter School L3 Games on Friday 24th January at UWE.

Squads of up to 10 players with 6 on the pitch at any one time, must be 3 girls 3 boys on court. Max 2 teams per school.

All schools need to come up with a team name for the tournament!!

Games are 2 minutes.

16 schools max for this event 1 team per school unless nearer to the event we have spaces.

Unfortunately due to a lack of space we won’t be permitting parents to spectate in the sportshall and we have no viewing gallery.

We will send out dropping off and parking details to all schools prior to the event.

All schools need to wear their traditional school P.E kit colours and suitable footwear. (to prevent slipping)

Bring any refreshments as food and drink will not be provided.  

Main Rules.

Games are played on a doubles badminton court. A two-foot centre zone is marked across the centre of the court using non-marking tape.

  • Three dodgeballs are used and positioned in the centre zone at the start of each game. The ball on the team's left is their designated ball to start. This means only ONE ball in the centre is contested at the start of the game.
  • A ball is not live until it has been passed back beyond the return line
  • Live Balls - A ball is live until it hits a floor, wall or any other surrounding surface. Multiple play is possible with a live ball.
  • Hits – any player struck with a live ball by an opposing player will be called out. Face shots do not count unless a player’s face stops the ball from hitting their body
  • Catches – any catch on a live ball will be valid. The player who threw the caught ball will be called out and the catching team will gain one players from the outbox.
  • Blocking – players are able to use a ball in their possession to block an incoming ball. If the ball they are holding is knocked from their possession, they will be called out.
  • Lines – Primary dodgeball is played using the badminton court as a base for the dodgeball court. Players are encouraged to stay inside the court markings and are not necessarily called out for stepping over the side/back lines. Players may leave the court to collect balls by putting their hand up. Players must return to court from behind the back line.
  • Stalling – players should not intentionally stall the game. Once a team has possession of 2 or 3 balls, they should look to make an attempt with at least one of those balls. When a referee calls ‘play ball’, a team has 5 seconds to throw. If they do not then players holding balls will be called out. Team can keep one ball after ‘play ball’ has been called, and must throw the rest.
  • Multiple play – the following are examples of multiple play: 
  •  ---- A player will be called out if they are hit by a ball that has deflected off a teammate whilst it is still live.
  • ----A catch is valid if it has deflected off a teammate whilst it is still live – in this circumstance the hit player plus the thrower will be called out – if the hit players is the first one out, then they will immediately return to the court.

Event Attendees

  • Oasis New Oak Academy
  • Greenfield E-ACT Academy A
  • Perry Court A
  • Victoria Park Primary School
  • Christ Church Kangaroos
  • Holy Cross
  • Knowle Park
  • Fair Furlong Primary School
  • Parson Street

Sorry, this event has passed

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