World Cup Girls Football Festival! Yr 3/4 5/6

We're jumping onto the band wagon of World Cup fever and joining forces with BCCT to hold our very own festival for girls.

Can bring Yr 3/4 and 5/6 teams (specify which when you book on)

We will allocate teams one of the 24 World Cup countries to represent for this event so you can don face paint or whatever you need to fly the flag for that country. We will have some other activities on for the girls to get involved in during the day.

Bring packed lunches a picnic rug and loads of enthusiasm!!

Event Attendees

  • St Patricks 3/4
  • St Patricks 5/6
  • Holymead Year 5
  • Holymead year 4
  • Waycroft Yr 3/4
  • Waycroft 5/6
  • Luckwell Lionesses 5/6 + Yr 3/4
  • Victoria Park 3/4
  • Victoria Park 5/6
  • Headley Park Y5/6
  • Headley Park Y3/4
  • Greenfield E-ACT Academy Yr 5/6
  • Oasis Connaught Year 3/4
  • Oasis Connaught Year 5/6

Sorry, this event has passed

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