Run/Bike/Shoot Yr 5/6

Entry Closed!

A great multi event where schools bring a team of 4 boys and a team of 4 girls Yr 5/6

Each team of four will complete a team challenge together and will all run, cycle and shoot arrows.

The cycling will be a team pursuit, ie laps of a circuit with one rider dropping each lap.

The archery will be a team score.

The run will be a cardio - taxi relay - without too much detail a pick up and drop off relay!

All equipment will be provided so just come in kit with trainers suitable for running in.


Event Attendees

  • Holymead A
  • Holymead B
  • Birdwell A
  • Birdwell B
  • Knowle Park x 2
  • Headley Park
  • Merchants Primary
  • Woodlands Boys
  • Woodlands Girls A
  • Woodlands Girls B
  • Perry Court Girls - A, B and C
  • Perry Court Boys - A, B and C

Sorry, this event has passed

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