KS2 Girls Celebration of Football 'Fun Festival' - Ashton Gate Stadium Closing Date 16th MAY!

NB Closing date Wednesday 16th May

Once again we are teaming up with Bristol City Community Trust to run a 'Celebration of Sport' day on the pitch at the stadium.

Alongside other activities, I will be running the cross city and county finals for yr 5/6 boys, girls and Yr 3/4 followed by a 'Funfest' for KS 2 Girls in the afternoon.

We will have 4 mini pitches marked out for games.

You may bring either:

A Yr 5/6 squad 8 - 12 (can add a few younger players to make the squad up)

A Yr 3/4 squad 8 - 12

If you want to bring both, book them both on then I will see how many we have by the closing date as want to involve as many schools as possible.

It would be lovely if you could make an afternoon of this and arrive earlier ie 1ish to watch the finals of the competitions going on. Bring your lunch, enjoy the atmosphere then get ready for some fun football from 2.15ish.

NB Timings are approximate at the moment and may slightly changes once entries are in.

Event Attendees

  • Ashton Gate 5/6
  • Victoria Park 5/6 x 2 teams
  • Birdwell Y5/6
  • ilminster Avenue E-ACT Academy 5/6
  • SMR Yr5/6
  • SMR Yr3/4
  • Luckwell Yr 5/6 (and 4)
  • Greenfield E-Act Academy 5&6
  • Greenfield E-Act Academy 3&4
  • Christ Church Y5/6
  • Oasis Connaught 5/6 + Ashton Vale 5/6

Sorry, this event has passed

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