YRS 5/6 Kwik Sticks Hockey Festival

  • When: Tue 6th Mar 18 9:30 am - 13:00 pm
  • Merchants Academy Gatehouse Avenue Witywood Bristol



- All schools are asked to bring a squad of 6 players, with a mixture of boys and girls.

- It is 4 a-side, with 2 girls and 2 boys on the pitch at all times.

- Equipment wil be provided but pupils can bring their own sticks if they own them.

- This is an opportunity to bring A, B C and D teams!

The winners will represent our SSP area at the Spring Games on 19th April at Bristol Grammar School Playing Fields.

Rules of Quicksticks

The rules of Quicksticks have been written specifically to make the introduction to hockey easy for both the player and deliverer. 

The key headings below offer a quick summary:

No Goalkeepers

Quicksticks does not include goalkeepers making it safe, accessible, cost and time effective.

Fewer Players

Quicksticks is played 4-a-side offering all players full involvement and increased playing time.

Fewer Stoppages

Many rules from full 11-a-side hockey have been taken out or simplified to make Quicksticks easier to deliver and play. This also results is fewer stoppages meaning more playing time.

Event Attendees

  • Holy cross
  • Hotwells
  • Christ Church A
  • Christ Church B
  • Headley Park 1
  • Headley Park 2
  • Hareclive 1
  • Hareclive 2
  • ilminster Avenue E-ACT Academy A
  • ilminster Avenue E-ACT Academy B
  • ilminster Avenue E-ACT Academy C
  • Victoria Park A + B
  • Parson Street A
  • Parson Street B
  • Parson Street C
  • Wicklea A + B
  • Perry Court E-Act Academy A
  • Perry Court E-Act Academy B
  • Perry Court E-Act Academy C
  • Headley Park 1
  • Headley Park 2
  • SMR A
  • SMR B
  • Birdwell A
  • Birdwell B
  • Birdwell C

Sorry, this event has passed

Quicksticks Full Rules

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