Run Bike Shoot yr 5/6 New Trial Event!

As promised we are trialing a new multi-event which is very exciting.

Children will compete in teams of 4 ie 4 boys or 4 girls Yr 5/6. When you book please specify how many teams you are bringing and what gender.

 Each team of four will complete a team challenge together and will all run, cycle and shoot arrows.

 The cycling will be a team pursuit, ie laps of a circuit with one rider dropping each lap.

 The archery will be a team score.

 The run will be a cardio - taxi relay - without too much detail a pick up and drop off relay!

 All equipment will be provided so just come in kit with trainers suitable for running in.

No training necessary although children competing do need to be confident on a bike!!

Event Attendees

  • Birdwell School 1 x boys, 1 x Girls
  • Cheddar grove boys 5kp
  • Cheddar grove boys 5sf
  • Cheddar grove girls 5sf
  • Cheddar grove girls 5kp
  • Headley Park Girls x 1
  • Headley Park Boys x 1 + 1 mixed
  • Four Acres 1 x Boys 1 x Girls
  • St Pius Y5 Boys + Y6 Boys
  • St Pius Y5 Girls
  • Connaught 1
  • Connaught 2
  • Connaught 3
  • Test
  • Ashton Vale Boys
  • Ashton Vale mixed + St Peters x 2

Sorry, this event has passed

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