Yr 3/4 'Step into Netball' Taster Session

  • When: Thu 28th Sep 17 13:00 pm - 15:00 pm
  • Merchants Academy Gatehouse Avenue Witywood Bristol

We are running this festival as a 'Learning' event just to give some of your younger players a bit of a taster before you launch them into High 5 netball.

At this stage developing the skills needed for netball would be far more beneficial than running a competiton for all our sanity!!

This festival will be involve lots of mini-games (without netball markings and no shooting into netball goals) and will be all about fun, skill development and mixing with children from other schools.

Numbers-wise, we will work on multiples of 5 (so up to 8 in a squad if you want) on a court at a time (max 2 boys) so when you book on indicate how many 'teams' you are bringing based on this.

We may introduce shooting towards the end!!

Event Attendees

  • St Peter's
  • Victoria Parkl
  • Knowle Park

Sorry, this event has passed

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