KS 1 Dance Festival 2 - Ashton Park

  • When: Wed 8th Feb 17 10:00 am - 11:30 am
  • Ashton Park School Blackmoor's Lane Bower Ashton Bristol UK

When you book onto this event please book a space for each Dance/Class you are bringing, e.g. 2 classes = 2 spaces/teams.

This year's theme is ' Barnaby Bear goes around the world'

KS1 classes from various schools in the area can come to show off the themed dances that they have learnt in preparation for this Festival.

Please choose which of the five dates and venues suits you best. It helps if you choose the venue nearest to your school!

For the KS1 Dance Fest it is essential to book on via the website.

Please email Debbie Scroggs so she can arrange dates to come in for a session and teach the dance if teachers need the help. This is a great CPD opportunity for your Year 2 teachers as Debbie teaches the dance and leaves the music so all the teachers have to do is practise and bring the class to show their work (it's like a show and tell, not expecting 'Stages' standards)!!

We will try to accommodate all schools but the earlier you can let us know the better.

If you or your teacher are confident without support they can obviously bring their own dance in the 'Barnaby bear goes around the world' theme.


These are the following dates and venues for the dance:

Tuesday 7th Feb  Ashton Park School 10 - 11.30am

Wednesday 8th Feb Ashton Park School  10 - 11.30am

TBC St Bernadette Secondary School  9.45 - 11am

TBC  Merchants Academy 10 - 11.30am

Wednesday 1st March Bedminster Down 1:45 - 2:45pm

Event Attendees

  • Hotwells Yr1
  • Year 2 SMR
  • Yr 2 SMR
  • year 1 holy cross
  • year 2 holy cross
  • Southville A
  • Southville B
  • Southville C
  • St Peters

Sorry, this event has passed

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