'Nugget Practical Workshop - Gymnastics for the Petrified! KS 2

  • When: Tue 8th Nov 16 16:00 pm - 17:30 pm
  • TBC None

This can be an area that causes the greatest anxiety to teachers. The workshops are designed to give participants confidence and how to use the correct terminology when teaching this area of the curriculum.

  1. ‘Gymnastics for the petrified’ – An introduction to the teaching of basic gymnastic activities in the curriculum. Specific warming up activities will be covered and the introduction of basic gymnastics vocabulary and body schooling activities
  2. Gymnastics in Comfort – Further ideas will be explored that will provide teachers with the strategies to challenge and enhance these basic skills with the use of small apparatus
  3. Gymnastics to compete – Understanding of the different routines for each Key Stage and  how teach these to a whole class with hints how pupils can achieve their best.

Come dressed for fun, low key practical activity

Event Attendees

  • Sophie Vellacott - Southville
  • Laura Grayson
  • Sarah Brownlow
  • Leon Rygol-Saunders
  • Naomi Courtenay
  • Katharine Thornton

Sorry, this event has passed

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