SSP Primary X- Country Competition

  • When: Tue 4th Oct 16 16:00 pm - 17:45 pm
  • Ashton Park School Blackmoor's Lane Bower Ashton Bristol UK


NB When you book on please book each team eg Waycroft Yr 5 boys, Waycroft yr 5 girls etc.

Once again his year we are holding this event just for our SSP schools as the Bristol event we ran reached capacity previousy. Our best runners will be invited to run for the area in a County event.

The races age groups will be as follows:

Yr 6 boys

Yr 6 Girls

Yr 5 Boys

Yr 5 Girls

Yr 3/4 Boys

Yr 3/4 Girls

Squads are limited to 8 children max per age per gender group.

NB Look at Parking info below!

Squads should be NO MORE than 8 pupils per team ie 8 x yr 3/4 girls and please encourage parents to still bring pupils if you only have a few runners and especially if a particular pupil shows promise.


For those of you who have been before you know I mean it when I say the traffic can be a nightmare so please ask parents to park and walk!!! Even though I am not running this across the whole of Bristol this year we still have a lot coming. 


  • The event starts at 4.15pm so please DO NOT arrive before 3.40pm. The school gates will be locked to incoming traffic until that time to allow the school buses to depart.
  • Please minimise cars by sharing or parking and walking (Could use Ashton Court Car Park or The Clannage)
  • All Parking around the school ie Blackmoors Rd(the road up to the school gates) and Courtlands/Parklands (back of school) is now residents parking only you will get booked if you park there or block the road!!!!
  • The best option is to tell parents they cannot park in the school but obviously team minibuses etc can.
  • If it is dry we will have some parking behind school (fingers crossed)
Team managers need to register their teams by 4pm names are not required, just the number of teams.
​There will be individual and team winners. 
The first 4 runners back will count for each team event. You will be given a team scoresheet which needs to be completed and handed in to the score table after each race so we can collate the results​. We hope to do the presentation at the end​ which is why it is essential we get totalled scoresheets back.

First race starts at 4.15pm.

Race order     3/4 boys | 3/4 girls | 5 boys | 5 girls | 6 boys | 6 girls

The Yr 6 races will be approx 1600m, Yr 5 1400 & the yr3/4 approx 1200m.

Pupils need to come changed to run along with warm/wet weather clothing and a drink. As you know due to the popularity of this event we have had traffic problems in the past so the information needs to be adhered to for this event to run smoothly and parents need to be informed of this. Hopefully we will have tea & coffee on sale.

Event Attendees

  • Hotwells Yr6 Boys
  • Hotwells Yr6 Girls
  • Hotwells Yr5 Boys
  • Hotwells Yr5 Girls
  • Hotwells Yr3/4 Boys
  • Hotwells Yr3/4 Girls
  • Waycroft - Y3/4 boys
  • Waycroft - Y3/4 girls
  • Waycroft- Y5 boys
  • Waycroft- Y5 girls
  • Waycroft- Y6 boys
  • Waycroft- Y6 girls
  • West Town Lane Year 6 Boys
  • West Town Lane Year 6 Girls
  • West Town Lane Year 5 Boys
  • West Town Lane Year 5 Girls
  • Luckwell Y6 Boys
  • Luckwell Y6 Girls
  • Luckwell Y5 Boys
  • Luckwell Y5 Boys
  • Luckwell Y3/4 Boys
  • Luckwell Y3/4 Girls
  • Victoria Park Year 3/4 Boys
  • Victoria Park Year 3/4 Girls
  • Victoria Park Year 5 Boys
  • Victoria Park Year 5 Girls
  • Victoria Park Year 6 Boys
  • Victoria Park year 6 Girls
  • Birdwell Girls Y3
  • Birdwell Boys Y3
  • Birdwell Girls Y4
  • Birdwell Boys Y4
  • Birdwell Girls Y5
  • Birdwell Boys Y5
  • Birdwell Girls Y5
  • Birdwell Boys Y6
  • 3/4 Girls Christ Church
  • 3/4 Boys Christ Church
  • 5 Girls Christ Church
  • 5 Boys Christ Church
  • 6 Girls Christ Church
  • 5 Boys Christ Church
  • Bridge Farm Y6 boys
  • Bridge Farm Y6 girls
  • Bridge Farm Y5 boys
  • Bridge Farm Y5 girls
  • Bridge Farm Y3/4 boys
  • Bridge Farm Y3/4 girls
  • Knowle Park y3/4 girls
  • Knowle Park y3/4 boys
  • Knowle Park y5 girls
  • Knowle Park y5 boys
  • Knowle Park y6 girls
  • Knowle Park y6 boys
  • BLC Y5 Boys
  • BLC Y5 Girls
  • BLC Y3/4 Boys
  • BLC Y3/4 Girls
  • Parson Street - Y6 boys
  • Parson Street - Y6 girls
  • Parson Street - Y5 boys
  • Parson Street - Y5 girls
  • Parson Street - Y3/4 boys
  • Parson Street - Y3/4 girls
  • Compass Point 5/6 Boys
  • Compass Point 5/6 Girls
  • Compass Point 3/4 Boys
  • Compass Point 3/4 Girls
  • Southville boys Y3/4
  • Southville girls Y3/4
  • Southville boys Y5
  • Southville girls Y5
  • Southville boys Y6
  • Southville girls Y6
  • Headley Park Year 5 Boys, Headley Park Year 6 Girls
  • year 3/4 boys holy cross
  • year 3/4 girls holy cross
  • year 5 boys holy cross
  • year 5 girls holy cross
  • year 6 boys holy cros
  • year 6 girls holy cross
  • St. Peter's 3 /4 boys
  • St Peters y3/4 girls
  • St Peters Y6 Girls
  • St. Peter's Y 5 Boys
  • Ilminster 3/4 girls
  • Ilminster 3/4 boys
  • Ilminster 5 girls
  • Ilminster 6 boys
  • Cheddar Grove Y3/4 A
  • Cheddar Grove Y3/4 B
  • Cheddar Grove Y5/6 A
  • Cheddar Grove Y5/6 B
  • Ashton Vale Y3/4,Y5,Y6 boys & Girls
  • Southville boys Y3/4

Sorry, this event has passed

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