Year 3/4 'Step into Netball' Taster Festival

We are running this festival as a 'Learning' event just to give some of your younger players a bit of a taster before you launch them into High 5 netball.

Last year the spread of ability at the 3/4 High-5 festival made us realise that at this stage developing the skills needed for netball would be far more beneficial for all our sanity!!

This festival will be involve lots of mini-games (without netball markings and no shooting into netball goals) and will be all about fun, skill development and mixing with children from other schools.

Numbers-wise, we will work on multiples of 5 (so up to 8 in a squad if you want) on a court at a time (max 2 boys) so when you book on indicate how many 'teams' you are bringing based on this.

Event Attendees

  • Victoria Park 3/4
  • Southville A
  • Southville B
  • Knowle Park - Genevieve Bovet-White
  • St Patricks A
  • St Patricks B

Sorry, this event has passed

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