'Nugget' Practical Workshop - Invasion Games: Drills & Skills

  • When: Wed 14th Sep 16 16:00 pm - 17:30 pm
  • Ashton Park School Blackmoor's Lane Bower Ashton Bristol UK

This is one of a series of ‘bite-size’ workshops aimed at Primary Phase teachers and support staff who would like to increase their confidence to deliver High Quality PE lessons

This workshop is practical and is deliberately delivered in a way that participants will feel comfortable with the content. 

The workshop will consider creative PE lessons underpinned by dodging, creating space, sending and receiving and how they lead into successful invasion games. All drills can be adapted and transfered to any invasion type game.

Please come dressed appropriately for fun, low key practical activity and bring own refreshments.

To view the other 'Nugget Workshops' that will take place throughout the year please follow this link for more information.

Event Attendees

  • Hotwells - Matt Leach
  • Daisy Roddick
  • Ruby Gardiner
  • Georgie Jones

Sorry, this event has passed

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