Yr 2 Mini Olympics - 2 (South)

We are trialing a new event this summer for Year 2 children and are aiming to deliver one in the North of our area on 5th July (The Clannage) and one in the South on 12th July at South Bristol Sports Centre. 

Schools can bring a group of Yr 2 pupils who will take part in a fun mini-olympics event consisting of various activities. Accompanying staff will be expected to help with the activites. We may well mix children from different schools to make up equal groups for this festival.

It is VERY important we know what numbers of children you wish to bring as there is obviously a limit on how many we can cater for so PLEASE INDICATE THIS IN THE COMMENT BOX when you book. I realise this may be difficult for schools with more than a one form Yr 2. Until I have more of an idea of school interest I will have to limit this to a group of 30 children max.

Timing-wise, we have extended the morning to enable children to eat their packed lunches at the venue as they would not get back to school in time.

Event Attendees

  • Four Acres
  • St Bernadette Primary
  • St Peter's A
  • St Peter's B
  • Waycroft
  • Ilminster
  • Bridge Farm Primary

Sorry, this event has passed

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