Yr 3/4 & Yr 5/6 Tag Rugby Festival

  • When: Fri 11th Mar 16 9:30 am - 12:30 pm
  • Broad Plain Rugby Club Bristol South End Malago Off St Johns Lane Bristol

Rules for this event are available in downloads.

Broadplain RFC are once again hosting this competition.

This is open to Yr3/4 & Yr5/6 teams. Please enter the number of teams you are bringing specifying the age group

eg Yr 3/4

    Yr 5/6 A

    Yr 5/6 B

Further details will be available nearer the date. 

For the yr 5/6 competition, schools can bring a squad of up to 12 players with a minimum of 4 girls. The overall winner will represent our area in the Level 3 County Games in April.

The games will be 8-a-side, with a minimum of 2 girls on the pitch at any time.

For yr 3/4 it is 8-aside with any mix of gender on the pitch.

Rules are the Tag 2 Twickenham rules in downloads (even though this is no longer a T2T event)

Substitutions can be made anytime the ball is dead, at half time and always with the knowledge of the referee. Substituted players can be used again at any time.

Event Attendees

  • SMR x1 Yr 5/6
  • SMR x1 Yr3/4
  • St Bernadette 5/6
  • St Bernadette 3/4
  • Hotwells Yr5/6
  • Hotwells Yr3/4
  • Compass Point yr 5/6
  • St Patricks 3/4
  • Headley Park 5/6
  • Y3/4 Parson Street Primary
  • year 3/4 Holy cross
  • year 5/6 holy cross
  • Victoria Park 5/6
  • Ilminster 5/6
  • Y5/6 Ashton Vale
  • Y3/4 Ashton Vale
  • Cheddar Grove Year 3/4
  • Cheddar Grove Year 5/6
  • 1 x Southville 3/4 + 1 x 5/6 Team
  • Christ Church 3/4 Team A
  • Christ Church 5/6 Team A
  • Christ Church 5/6 Team B

Sorry, this event has passed

Tag To Twickenham Rugby Rules

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