KS1 Gymnastics Festival


The floor and vault routines can be downloaded from our website and all PLTs who attended our Partnership Day in September received a copy of the routines.

This year there will be two levels. To make the competition even more inclusive we have added 2 categories in level 1

LEVEL 1 is aimed at non club gymnasts (can be taking part in an after school club or a gymnastics club for 1 hour a week. In level 1 there will be 2 categories: Jaguars and Panthers. Jaguars are those pupils who do no gymnastics outside their curriculum time at all. Panthers are those  other pupils in this level 1 category. 

LEVEL 2 is aimed at club gymnasts (attending gymnastics club for 2 hours + per week)

Each gymnast will take part in two set routines as described above – floor and vault

Teams are made up of 5 gymnasts from years 1 or 2. A school can bring a maximum of 2 teams for each category. (ie the maximum number of teams is 6 = 30 pupils).

For example you can bring:

2 Jaguar teams and 2 Panther teams

2 level 2 teams

If you do not have enough pupils to make up a level 2 the pupils are compete as individuals

Each gymnast will perform a simple floor routine and vault using a bench or a springboard.

All gymnasts will have the opportunity to learn new skills on the exciting apparatus at the Gym Centre. This is all about having fun and imroving the pupils' confidence in performing.

Event Attendees

  • St. Peter's (L1)
  • St. Peter's (L2)
  • Parson st Jaguars 1
  • Parson st Jaguars 2
  • Parson st Panthers 1
  • Parson st Panthers 2
  • Compass Point L1 x3
  • Compass Point L2
  • Waycroft panthers
  • Southville L1
  • Birdwell school - Jaguars A, Jaguars B, Panthers A, 1 x L2
  • Christ Church Jaguars A
  • Christ Church Jaguars B
  • Christ Church Panthers A
  • Christ Church Panthers B
  • Christ Church Level 2 A
  • Holy Cross Jaguars L1
  • Holy Cross jaguars L1
  • Holy Cross panthers L1
  • Ashton Gate Panthers 1

Sorry, this event has passed

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