Yr 3/4 Quadkids

  • When: Tue 7th Jul 15 16:00 pm - 17:45 pm
  • Ashton Park School Blackmoor's Lane Bower Ashton Bristol UK

Mixed Competition

An opportunity for yr 3/4 pupils to experience athletics competition.

Team Size Team of 8 (4 boys/4 girls) with the scores over the four events added together to give the team score.

4 events (NB 5 with optional relays depending on time)

50m Sprint

400m Run

Mini Vortex Howler Throw

Standing Long Jump

Team relays (optional depending on time)

All competitors take part in all 4 events plus the relay. Points are scored on all events for all competitors, which count towards the schools overall team result.

Schools can enter more than one team.

Click here to go to the QuadKids website for more information

Event Attendees

  • Matt Leach
  • Matt Leach
  • Ilminster Avenue
  • year 3/ 4
  • West Town Lane Academy
  • Birdwell School
  • St Patrick's
  • four acres
  • Headley Park
  • Parson street
  • James Burley
  • Fair Furlong Primary
  • Luckwell PS
  • Victoria Park
  • Team 1
  • St. Peter' c of e primary
  • BLC Team A
  • Compass Point

Sorry, this event has passed

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