Entry only for Yr 5/6 Football Leagues in Term 3

We are asking schools to register their entry for the yr 5/6  7-aside Football CV league which will be in terms 3 at South Bristol Sports Centre

I cannot allocate sessions until I know numbers so ignore the starting date for the moment which isn't Dec 1st!!

I only need team names ie St Bernadette A team, St Bernadette 'B' team. It may be difficult to accomodate B teams. That will be dependant on numbers.

Last year we played on Thursdays at South Bristol. I am hoping to do the same again depending on numbers.

The two top teams from this league will play a cross Bristol Final at Ashton Gate on Friday 19th March 6.30-8.30pm!

Event Attendees

  • Luckwell PS
  • St Pius X 'A'
  • St Pius X 'B'
  • BLC
  • Matt Leach
  • Greenfield 1
  • Greenfield 2
  • St Patricks Catholic Primary - Ben Harris
  • Ashton Vale A
  • Ashton Vale B
  • WTLA 1
  • WTLA2
  • Christ Church A
  • Christ Church B
  • Ashton Gate Primary
  • Southville
  • Ilminster Avenue
  • Perry Court Primary School
  • A team
  • B team
  • St Bernadette Primary School
  • Knowle Park Primary School
  • Victoria Park

Sorry, this event has passed

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