'Developing Physical Literacy in Early Years' Course

This course is to enable teachers in Early Years to deliver safe, effective and meaningful HQ PE lessons. Delegates will leave with exciting ideas and a comprehensive resource to support their teaching.

Course Overview

Developing Physical Literacy is the foundation of PE and School Sport. The most important step towards developing Physical Literacy is mastering fundamental movement skills as stated in the new National Curriculum. This workshop provides delegates with practical guidance, information and resources to create a fun and positive learning environment.

 This workshop will enhance:

  • Knowledge and understanding of what it means to be Physically Literate
  • Knowledge and understanding of how to teach Fundamental Movement Skills
  • Knowledge and understanding of how to plan for the new PE National Curriculum

Event Attendees

  • Vanessa Farnham
  • Kimberly Cobbledick
  • Ilminster Avenue: Lottie Lindsey
  • Nadia Searle
  • Teressa Fuller
  • Nursery
  • Emily Rushton
  • Nicole Elkin
  • Alice Naine
  • Rachel Hayward

Sorry, this event has passed

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