'Learn to Compete, Compete to Learn' course - Creating Healthy Competition

‘Learn to Compete, Compete to Learn’ provides a simple but innovative way to promote and embed “healthy competition” in all young people.

It provides fun, practical solutions to teaching the building blocks of competition, ensuring all young people are equipped with the skills to compete positively. This practical course equips teachers to explore the building blocks of competition and support the development of key emotional and Life skills through a personalised approach. It provides fun and practical activities and strategies to prepare children positively for life-long participation and competition.

NB This course is free to SSP members but the resources come at an extra cost of £49.99. For this you will receive a fresh, exciting and action packed resource using innovative activities and creative strategies to enable every child to prepare for and learn through healthy inclusive competition. Learn to Compete, Compete to Learn is essential for anyone looking to deliver healthy competition for all children, prepare children for competition and develop key life skills. It is supported by an example scheme of work and guidance on running intra school competitions.

The course is delivered by Create Development whom we wholly endorse as leading practioners in this area

Event Attendees

  • Sarah Fear
  • KS2 Christ Church School TBC
  • Luke Rees
  • James Burley
  • Heather Cradick
  • Erica Tindall
  • Wesley Pugh
  • Lucy Martin
  • Lauren Jones
  • Stacey Rawlings
  • Becky Peckham
  • Charlie Course

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