Change 4 Life Training Course

Primary Change 4 Life Clubs

Following the briefing on Partnership Day this is an opportunity to send an adult who you have identified as a possible deliverer to a training course that will provide detailed session plans, equipment and all the information necessary to start your Change 4 Life club. Follow up support will be available for any progressions needed.

By sending someone on this course you are committing to delivering a club in your school. We will be there to help and guide you.

If you are really keen to run a club but have no-one available to deliver it, please get in touch asap

We really need to think differently about these clubs.  This isn’t just to replace the existing after school sport offer.  It is a unique club experience we are trying to create clubs with a real sense of belonging and targeted at those children that do not take part in 60 minutes of physical activity and those with other needs that could be addressed by being involved in this type of club, (often one and the same)  There will be flexibility to include all young people i.e. A whole year group or more than just year 3 and 4 but let’s make sure that target group of ‘less active’ is included. 

The starting point for positioning the clubs is to recognise what is important to schools i.e.

• OfSTED • Pupil progress • Transition • School priorities

We then need to consider which children would benefit the most and identify physical activity target groups and education target groups i.e.

Less active may also be those students on free school meals, at risk of exclusion, English as an additional language, behaviour, attendance etc.

Where do we get that information from:

• school data e.g. Vulnerable children register, FSM etc • National Child Measurement Programme • teacher recommendation • SENCo • School nurses


• Increasing physical activity and wellness in inactive 7-9 year olds

• Improving self esteem and addressing mental health issues

• Increasing participation in less active children in the most deprived areas

• Developing a new type of sports club on a school site and driven by the

  needs of young people

• Contributing to Sainsbury’s School Games by ensuring less active young

  people can engage

• Positioning of a health messages within sport 


• Attracts less active young people in multi-sport and non-traditional school

  sport clubs

• Builds a network of Change4Life Sports Clubs on school sites

• Uses the inspiration of Olympic and Paralympic values

• Responds to what Young People want.

• Develops a “sense of belonging” and establishes a regular culture of

  attendance and participation

• Utilises the club environment to change behaviours around key health areas

Event Attendees

  • Karen Wide
  • Isobel
  • Max
  • Duncan Butler
  • Carol Morris
  • Natalie Millard
  • Wesley Pugh
  • yvette rosolek
  • carrie marshman
  • Cath Withy
  • Lisa LLoyd
  • St Peters C of E Primary School (Karen Chapman)
  • Greg Campbell
  • Heather Cradick
  • Barbara Bayford
  • Louise Hall
  • Charlotte Burnett
  • Chantelle Smith

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