'First FUNS' Early Years & KS1 course - Enabling Essential Physical Skills

A sample of activity from this excellent course were very well received at our May Partnership Day last year. 

The Course

It is essential to provide an environment where Foundation Stage children can develop the Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) they need to move confidently and maximise their physical potential. This fun packed practical course offers Early Years and Key Stage 1 practitioners a mix of creative songs, stories and physical challenges that introduce and reinforce the FMS that children need to learn to flourish physically.

NB This course is free to SSP members but the resources come at an extra cost of £49.99. For this you receive the First FUNS Package which includes a book containing a mix of creative songs, stories, games and challenges that introduce and reinforce key fundamental movement skills, 36 challenge cards, an interactive DVD, a blue swatch to extend more able and talented and a sample sticker book.

Please ensure that this cost for resources can be met by your school before signing up! We will invoice your school for this.

The course is delivered by Create Development whom we wholly endorse as leading practioners in this area.

“At last a programme and resource which will enable me to effectively develop the physical literacy of all children at both Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1” Laura, Year 1 Teacher.

“I’m inspired to coordinate PE now I feel I have the knowledge and ideas to implement a creative and challenging PE curriculum."

Lauren Sims, Early Years Leader,

Southmead Primary School, Wandsworth.

Event Attendees

  • Sarah Fear
  • KS1 Christ Church TBC
  • Lauren Lobb
  • Glyn Owen
  • Kayleigh Gould
  • Georgina James
  • Mrs Kate Sheridan Southville Primary
  • Miss Sally Greenwood Southville Primary
  • Sarah Battison
  • Zoe Barratt
  • Nadia Serale
  • Wendy Jones
  • Fran Richards
  • Kathryn Warrington
  • Josh Penfold
  • Sarah Galliford
  • Sarah Coles
  • Cath Withy
  • Jo Buckley

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