Partnership Day

The focus for the day will be: 

Preparing the way for September 2014: 

Partnership Day will provide a focused opportunity to consider:

  • support in understanding the key messages in the new NC and ways to change and enhance present provision.
  • practical activities to support the focus of competition for all pupils in the new NC
  • how to develop your own curriculum in a way thats meets the needs of your pupils
Reviewing & Structuring provision within our SSP - your input is crucial in informing our practice whether it's the supprot we offer or the calendar of events and timings.
CPD practical refreshers including athletics

Event Attendees

  • Luke Rees
  • Alex Hawkins
  • Miss Jennifer Trimnell
  • Tina Harris Headley Park
  • Erica Tindall
  • Hayley Hayes
  • Miss Joanna Stone
  • Sarah Galliford
  • Alex Saunders
  • Georgina James
  • Gloria Speed
  • Heather Cradick
  • Lucy Martin
  • Tamara Middle
  • Paloma Venn

Sorry, this event has passed

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