YR 5/6 World Cup Tag Rugby Central Venue League 1

  • When: Mon 26th Sep 11 16:00 pm - 17:15 pm
  • Broad Plain Rugby Club Bristol South End Malago Off St Johns Lane Bristol

Entries Closed

To make being part of a team more meaningful for primary school pupils, following on from the success of last year's girls football central venue league, we are doing the same for a number of other sports, Tag Rugby being the first. We are tapping into the excitment of the Rugby World Cup and linking with Broad Plain Rugby Club to launch this great opportunity.

If you are keen to come along but need support with any aspect of running a tag team or even if you have no equipment, we can help....please get in touch (scuse the pun)!

Benefits of a central venue league

  • Not just a one off festival
  • Chance to improve skills and performance
  • Schools don't have to organise fixtures
  • Dates are set in advance
  • Teams have opportunity to play more matches/schools

At the first session on the 26th Sept, alongside the activity, there will be basic training available for staff accompanying teams from former Bristol and Scotland International player Dave 'Hilts' Hilton. This can be teachers, TAs, parents, in fact anyone who is keen to help with their school tag team. 

Teams will draw for their world cup nation during the first session and over the next three league sessions battle it out to see which team will be crowned world champions!

Dates for the four sesions are as follows you only need to book via this page to join the league.

     Mon 26th September

     Mon 10th October

     Mon 7th November

     Mon 21st November

Yr 5/6 mixed 7 aside tag teams (minimum 2 girls on pitch at any time, can bring squad)

Teams in so far

St Patricks - France

New Oak - New Zealand

Ashton Vale - Wales

Cheddar Grove - Australia

Headley Park - Ireland

Bedminster Barbarians - Italy

Waycroft - Scotland

Hareclive - Argentina

Knowle Park - England

Victoria Park - South Africa

Luckwell 1 - Samoa

Luckwell 2 - Fiji

Event Attendees

  • Luke Rees
  • New Oak
  • St Patricks PRimary
  • Knowle Park primary School
  • Waycroft Academy
  • Headley Park Primary School
  • boy
  • boy
  • boy
  • boy
  • boy
  • boy
  • boy
  • boy
  • boy
  • boy
  • Kieran Lee
  • Ryan Blackmore
  • Harry Hodgekins
  • Ben Gardner
  • George Hughes
  • Jason Short
  • DJ Street
  • Cameron Gaylard
  • Chazzy Blaccker
  • Tom James
  • Cheddar Grove
  • Cheddar Grove
  • Cheddar Grove
  • Cheddar Grove
  • Cheddar Grove
  • Cheddar Grove
  • Cheddar Grove
  • Cheddar Grove
  • Cheddar Grove
  • Cheddar Grove

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