Partnership Day & Twilight PESSYP survey

  • When: Tue 25th May 10 9:15 am - 3:00 am
  • TBC None

This summer term's Partnership Day will focus on practical skill sessions (TBC) as well as a brief session with your SSCO on the PESSYP data. 

A twilight session will follow the day for any PLTs requiring further support. Last year this included a spot of sailing afterwards to relax which was fantastic. Watch this space for further details. Staff release may be claimed for this day.

Event Attendees

  • C. Kraus
  • Me
  • Amy Crean
  • Heather Cradick
  • Steve
  • Woulter Rasch - I am alive
  • Claire wright
  • Dr Yandell
  • Elinor Barrett
  • Mwah
  • debbie
  • Alex Hawkins
  • me
  • mark inskip

Sorry, this event has passed

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