Terrific Tag Tries!

Broad Plain and Cotham Park Rugby clubs hosted the Tag Rugby tournament on Friday 31st March. The 20 teams from years 3 & 4 and years 5 & 6  displayed some terrific skills and sportsmanship in the brilliant sunshine. 


A big thank you to staff from both clubs for hosting plus the referees from Cotham Park for giving up their time to coach and ref the matches and  to our young leaders from Ashton Park who also did a fanstastic job officiating the closely fought matches.

Final Results are:

Cotham Park Venue

Years 3 & 4

1st Headley Park

2nd Christ Church

3rd Birdwell B

4th Ashton Vale

5th Birdwell A

Years 5 & 6

1st Headley Park

2nd Ashton Gate B

3rd Ashton Gate A

4th Ashton Vale

5th Christ Church

6th West Town Lane

Broad Plain Venue

Years 3 & 4

1st Southville

2nd Knowle Park

3rd Victoria Park

4th St Patricks

5th St Bernadette

Years 5 & 6

1st St Bernadette

2nd St Patricks

3rd Ilminster Avenue

4th Southville

Congratulations to Headley Park and Ashton Gate who will be representing South Bristol at the level 3 Spring Games on 27th April at BGS.

Posted on 03 April 2017,
Category: News

Mon 3rd Apr 17

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