St Bernadette Catholic Secondary School play hosts for our third KS1 'Animal Magic' Dance Fest

Our KS 1 Dance Fests have become so popular that this year we have had to hold 4 of them! This is great news and is seems that dance is firmly embedded in the KS 1 curriculum. Oasis New Year and Bridge Farm both made the long walk over with 3 classes each dressed in their animal costumes ready to entertain us. Lions, Monkeys, Caterpillars, Cats and Penguins roared, climbed, crawled, stretched and waddled on stage with happy smiling faces. Some students from St Bernadette School were on hand to welcome the excited youngsters and perform a street dance for them to open the show. The Teachers felt the experience to be a very postitive one and left with a bank of new movement ideas to try out back in their schools. See you all again next year!

Posted on 02 April 2014,
Category: News

Wed 2nd Apr 14

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