Record number of Gymnasts participate in KS2 competition!

230 excited gymnasts from 12 of our schools arrived at the City of Bristol Gymnastics Centre in Hartcliffe on Thursday 6th March to participate in the years 3 & 4 and years 5 & 6 vault and floor competitions. The competition started with a flag ceremony and presentation of schools followed by a mass pre competition warming up session.

The standard was higher than ever and the judges from The Gymnastics Centre had the difficult job of ranking the gymnasts to take their places on the honours podium. Sports leaders from Ashton Park School were on hand on to encourage and assist the gymnasts to try out new skills on the assortment of beams, bars and vaulting equipment.  


Yr 3/4 Level 1 team 

Gold - Birdwell A

Silver - Waycroft A

Bronze - Waycroft A


Yr 3/4 Level 2 team

Gold - Headley Park A

Silver - St Peters A

Bronze - Waycroft A


Yr 5/6 Level 1 team

Gold - Waycroft A

Silver - Waycroft B

Bronze - St Patricks A


Yr 5/6 Level 2 team

Gold - Waycroft A

Silver  - Victoria Park A

Bronze - Christchurch A


Yr 3/4 Level 1 Individual

Gold - Jasmine Brice (Waycroft)

Silver - Madeline Brice (Parson St)

Bronze - Ivy Lee (Birdwell)

Yr 3/4 Level 2 Individual

Gold - Shams Eltawy (Headley Parks

Gold - Jada Brown (St Peters)

Bronze - Phoebe-Rose White (St Peters)

Yr 5/6 Level 1 Individual

Gold -Tia Vanstechieman (Waycroft)

Silver - Isabelle Jones (Waycroft)

Bronze - Alayah Brown (Parson St)

Yr 5/6 Level 2 Individual

Gold - Emily Crocker (Waycroft)

Silver  - Tyrell Lynsey (BLC)

Bronze - Tashay Silver (BLC)

Bronze - Dulcie Adlem (Waycroft)


Posted on 10 March 2014,
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Mon 10th Mar 14

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