2013 Gymnastics Competition another big success!

A Link to photos from this event will be available soon. You can view some photos in the gallery http://admin.ssp.ashtonpark.net/photos

More than 140 excited gymnasts arrived at Hartcliffe Gym Centre ready to compete in our annual Gymnastics competition. The brilliant year 12 sports leaders were briefed about the safe use of the apparatus and were eager to support and encourage the youngsters in trying new skills. The competition started with a mass warm up to prepare bodies and minds, followed by a flag ceremony and presentation of gymnasts to the spectators. All the gymnasts repeated the gymnastics oath to do their best for themselves and their team.

Well done to all gymnasts!

An afternoon of high quality performances!

The results were:

Team Results:

Year 3&4 Level 1

1st: Waycroft Angels A 

2nd: Christchurch C

3rd: Headley Park

Year 3&4 Level 2

1st: Bridge Learning Campus  

2nd: Perry Court  

3rd: Waycroft Flyers A

Year 5&6 Level 1

1st: Parson Street 

2nd: Waycroft Rockets A

3rd: Christchurch A 

Year 5&6 Level 2

1st: Perry Court  

2nd: Christchurch B

3rd: St Patricks

Individual Results:

Year 3&4 Level 1

1st: Lexie Chappel-King

2nd: Alice Bezzant

3rd: Libby Dickens

Year 3&4 Level 2 

1st Tyrell Lyndsay 

2nd: Spencer Leslie 

3rd: =Chanelle Stevens = Lucy Stone

Year 5&6 Level 1

1st: Alayah Brown

2nd: Lucy Mackay

3rd: =Wren Talbot 3rd: Hafa Faccio = Alyssa Saunders = Dylan Bessell

Year 5&6 Level 2 

1st: Ella Tanner 

2nd: Charlie Laffan

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Mon 4th Mar 13

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