Gymnastics Learning Festivals get the 'thumbs up!'

Gymnastics Learning Festival!

St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School hosted our Gymnastics Learning festival for 120 year 3 pupils and teachers from our Partnership Primary Schools, Victoria Park and St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School.

The festival was led by Debbie Scroggs and provided a CPD opportunity for teachers to engage in the High Quality delivery of Gymnastic activities. The teachers were initially nervous about teaching specific skills and using unfamiliar vocabulary but armed with user friendly task cards and guidance they soon found their confidence and enjoyed the challenge of being outside their confidence zone. The pupils learnt 14 new skills including front supports, back supports, sky divers, cups and saucers, bunny hopping to name but a few. The pupils then proudly performed their travel/balance sequence to music in front of a very big audience.

All the task cards are available to download from our website and are an invaluable resource for teaching gymnastic activities.

Posted on 11 March 2012,
Category: News

Sun 11th Mar 12

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