Wimbledon Fever

1st = Harry Tripp, Christchurch (won all 8 matches) 1st = Fin Swallow, Christchurch (won all 8 matches) Runners Up: 2nd= Kelly Haddow, Four Acres (won 7 matches) 2nd= Malo Ricesara, Christchurch (won 7 matches) 2nd= Daniel Stoica, Christchurch (won 7 matches) 2nd= Natasha Putick, Christchurch (won 7 matches) A team of 4 players were also selected (based on tennis coaches talent identification during the festival) to represent the Ashton Park SSP at the County Final on 15th July (time tbc) at Coombe Dingle Sports Complex, BS8 1TP. The following players were selected; Fin Swallow, Christchurch Malo Ricesara, Christchurch Kelly Haddow, Four Acres Shay Bryant, Four Acres

Posted on 01 January 1970,
Category: Event Updates

Thu 1st Jan 70

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